Vision Statement

The New Direction Vision Statement is a “united, peaceful, progressive and happy nation where the people have access to jobs, food, and education and health services and there is equal justice and equal opportunity for all”. We aspire to lay the solid Foundation to become a Middle Income Country based on the Democratic Development State Model.

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the Party shall be:
1.To participate in and win all Public Elections.
2.To organize and maintain the SLPP as a political party in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, the Constitution of Sierra Leone and any other levant legislation.
3.To uphold and respect the core values of the rule of law, fundamental human rights, social justice, participatory democracy and other democratic values,institutions and practices in Sierra Leone as essential prerequisites of good governance; and to instill through public enlightenment an understanding of these core values.
4.To promote policies such as AntiCorruption Drive, Decentralization, Trade,Private Sector Development and Foreign Direct Investment in Sierra Leone as essential prerequisites of Economic Development.
5.To promote national integration, unity, gender equality, understanding and tolerance across cultural, ethnic and religious differences, and thus, eliminate civil strife in the country; etc.