1. Any person who is a Sierra Leonean and is not less than 18 years of age is eligible for individual membership of the Party.
2. Membership shall also be open to all Trade Unions, Cooperatives Societies, Professional, Cultural and Sports Organizations or other Associations whose aims and objectives are approved by the National Executive Council(NEC)of the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party, and they shall assume Associate Membership.
3. Additional criteria for registration prepared by National Officers approved NEC shall be circulated to all Party Regions.
1. An individual who is eligible for Membership may be admitted as a member by enrollment at the National Headquarters or at any Regional/District Branch of the Party.
2. A Party card shall be issued to every member on enrollment upon payment of the individual membership fee as determined from time to time by the Party Conference. The rightful possession of a Party card by an individual shall be presumed as evidence of membership.
3. Any organization or group which is eligible for membership shall apply to the National Headquarters or to Region/District branch, in line with guidelines prepared by National Officers and approved by NEC.

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    The significant change is that we are now in complete control of our destiny and for the formulation of our external as well as our internal policies. I wish you all to be assured that we in Sierra Leone will stand for the freedom and prosperity of men everywhere.

    First Prime Minister of Sierra Leone & Founding Father of SLPP
    (Sir Milton Marga)